Nasal Polyps

These are ‘grape like’ swellings inside the nose. They usually arise from the sinuses.

Treatment consists of steroids which often shrink the polyps. If they are not controlled with medication then surgery to remove them will be offered.
They can be associated with asthma and sensitivity to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Polyps usually occur on both sides of the nose. If they occur on one side only they require investigation to exclude cancer of the nose and sinuses although a polyp in one side of the nose is often benign and not cancerous.


Polyps are often removed during sinus surgery which is usually performed under general anaesthetic (patient asleep) as a day case. Polypectomy can be performed alone under local anaesthetic (patient awake) when the inside of the nose is numbed before surgery. Polyps themselves are not actually sensitive and an instrument called a microdebrider can be used to detach the polyp and suction it out of the nose.