“We approached Mr Eynon-Lewis for a second opinion. He was extremely professional and thorough in his approach, applying the most up-to-date research and knowledge. He was also very approachable, listening carefully to our concerns and treated our son with great sensitivity”
– C.R (his son presented with nasal and ear problems)

“Thank you for being my surgeon, I am very lucky to have such a brilliant and caring doctor”
– S.M (voice patient)

“Thanks for the nose, breathing is a pleasure”
–  M-R (after nasal polypectomy)

“Currently I am under the care of Nick Eynon-Lewis, consultant in ENT. Though I have not seen him lately, Mr Eynon-Lewis has always given me the time to express what the problem may have been. He is thoroughly open and honest in his manner, confident, engaging, and so at ease with the patient. It is a privilege to know that he is my consultant. He talks ABC language, does not patronize and I feel he imparts information as if he were my friend. Having said that he is so cool and professional.”
– Taken from a letter written to the Chief Executive of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital.